5 Reasons to Love Illamasqua!




Recently I read that Illamasqua was named one of the coolest brands of 2013 in the sunday observer (not just any old newspaper). It was ranked along with brands such as Apple, John Lewis, Storm Modelling and my personal favourite, Ella’s Kitchen (baby food in pretty packaging). Shamefully I had never even heard of Illamasqua until a year ago despite them being around for 5 years! So how have they become one of the coolest brands of the year? Here’s what I think…

1) They bought us Skin Base Foundation

Skin base is just one of those foundations that will always be there for you on the blotchiest of days. Practically available in every tone and colour (including white and Gold!), this foundation just leaves the flawless hollywood finish that one thinks would be impossible to achieve.

2) Illamasqua dares to be different

Illamasqua prides themselves on being a haven for the weird and wonderful. They’re individuality acts as a campaign to stop bullying of unique persons and promotes the notion that everyone is beautiful in their own way. For me they are one of the only cosmetic companies that actually sets a healthy example to its customers.

3) Illamasqua bought us Gleam in Aurora

I dont think I will ever be tempted to buy another highlighter ever again after using this. Just adding a dash to your cheekbones gives a wonderfully healthy glow or you can go the whole way and layer it up to look like a goddess.

4) Illamasqua gave us Hollow

I’ve never understood what pigments are actually there for until I started using hollow and then suddenly..I got it. This is the only pigment that will allow me to contour without looking like I’ve smothered compost all over my face. Good for the fair skinned.

5) Then there was Hydra Veil

To me the packaging looks like a cauldron (not exactly but sort of) and adds to the mystery of what on earth this product is. When I bought it I thought it was a face mask but nope, turns out its a gel primer. Still though this didn’t affect our relationship and I love to use it for special occasions where I’ll need some good glue on my face to hold my make up on.

So there’s my five reasons why Illamasqua is so cool. What do you think?


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