Things We All Miss About Living With Our Parents.


I don’t know about you but now and then I just have these moments where I crave to be back at home in Birmingham living with my mum especially in the winter. There are also other moments when I think, ‘How did my mum do it? Go to work, run a house, and keep everything running smoothly.’ I know now there a things I definitely took for granted such as:

1)  “Whats for tea mum?”

Nowadays Im filled with dread at the very thought of looking in my fridge or cupboards and tying to conjure up a meal out of biscuits, jarred kale and dried chillies. In my flat, food literally disappears before your own eyes as soon as it comes through the front door (I do have a Harry and a baby to feed). At my mum’s however, she could literally make something out of nothing and whats more doing it without a hint of stress.

2)  “How do I wash it?”

I miss the good old days of buying a jumper, or a coat or any item of clothing and not even give a second thought to how I clean it. Now however I have to carefully consider if its worth buying that jumper or jacket that’s hand wash only because lets face it, hand washing is a complete pain in the backside (for me it is anyway). I also have an aversion to ironing after being sacked from my first ever job as an ironing lady which still fills me with horror to this day.

3) “I don’t feel well mum.”

I was extremely lucky to have a mum who was also a nurse so when I came down with an illness, my mum would know what it is and how to treat it. Such treatments would include tea, chocolate, spaghetti bolognese (my ultimate comfort food) and unlimited sympathy (something that is extremely lacking when living in a student house). I can’t moan now though as Harry also makes a wonderful nurse.

4) “Fancy some coffee and cake.”

Going for an afternoon coffee and cake was something I really enjoyed doing with my mum. Whether it was for a quick chat, or to sit there in silence playing on our iPads it was still a nice thing to do. If I was ever upset about something my mum would always take me for coffee and cake and let me pour my heart out.

5) “I can smell something gross.”

Ok so that last quote doesn’t apply to experiences from home, except for when the dog might have the odd accident. I have said that line far too many times in student houses and occasionally the flat I live in now but that just tends to be the baby’s nappy. At home though it always smells wonderful. I don’t know what it is but home just smells so amazing and it’s a smell that I’ve never been able to recreate. For me, there’s no smell like home.


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