Naked Urban Decay Basics Palette


I recently received a late birthday present from my friends from university which consisted of the Naked Urban Decay Basics palette and MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. Safe to say I was over the moon. The basics palette was intriguing to say the least as I had no idea how to use the thing! After a few little trials and errors, I think I’ve finally cracked how to use it. Heres a little description on how  I do my eye make up, using all of the colours except one!

So, First I have to apologise for the poor quality of pictures, I am sad to say my camera got lost during the move over to Germany so until I find it or buy another one, my ipad camera will have to suffice. Also I apologise for this first picture where you can see the baby climbing up her pram.


First I went over the eyelid using the colour W.O.S. just to neutralise the red and blue tones I’ve got on my eyelid. I then used Venus to highlight my brow bone and I also dabbed it in the corner of my eye.


I then went over the eyelid with Naked 2 which I am presuming is also part of the Naked 2 palette.


I then put the colour Faint into the crease of my eye and blended it out using my MAC 224 brush. I also ran it along my bottom lash line to create a more smokey effect. To finish it all off I put a discreet line of Crave on my upper lash line and slapped on some mascara!


So this is the final look! While I understand the make up is very minimal (or looks it anyway), this is the general look I tend to go for on a day to day basis. I hope you like it and please comment on this post if you have other ways that you have used the Naked Urban Decay Basics palette.


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