Winter is coming.. and so is Naked 3!

naked-palette 3

For quite a while I wasn’t sure if this was a myth or not. I am the proud owner of the first Naked Palette, but have never been able to bring myself Naked 2 due to the fact the colours seem a bit too cool for me. I was expecting Naked 3 to be the same as Naked 1 and Naked 2 but I am pleasantly surprised by this palette and all the different colours they have this time.

naked 3 palette swatch

Urban Decay seem to have gone with the current trends of rose gold, and filled the palette with rose and champagne colours. They have also added a few matte colours which always keeps me happy and to mix things up have also put in a black eye shadow with red glitter in it. Not sure what I’ll use that for but its pretty to look at. It’s being released in America any day now and soon make its way to the UK and Europe. I have registered on the American Urban Decay website which means I am now like a Hawk waiting for the launch date and if I have to get up at obscene hours of the morning, or sit online for hours hunting, so be it. I need this Palette!

P.S: Beware when looking for pictures of Naked 3 Palette on google images. It takes naked literally.


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