Sunday. Day of Make Up Rest.


In Germany literally everything is shut on a sunday. Apart from some bars and restaurants there is nothing to do here one day a week. I am perfectly fine with that though because it means a family day in, watching a film with a roast dinner. It also means I feel no obligation to put on any make up and can give my skin the day off. I’ve started getting into the habit of taking off my make up as soon as I walk in through the door and I can’t even begin to explain how this has worked wonders on my skin. I know that a whole day without make up will really have its benefits. Making the most of my day without make up, I like to make sure my skin is feeling nourished and ready for the long week ahead. I’ve recently discovered the benefits of using primers as face masks. My particular favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which you can just apply a thick layer and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve left mine on for the whole day and my skin looks ten times better. I also like to make sure my lips are pampered by keeping them smothered in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream so they’re ready to face the cold.


Another thing I like to do is make sure my nails are nice and tidy for the week. Todays nail polish is YSL Gris Underground. I’m afraid I can’t provide a URL for that as it seems to be sold out everywhere but keep an eye out for it at the YSL counters!


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