Day 3 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month



Today was not a good day to begin with. The baby normally act’s as my alarm clock but today she decided to treat herself to a lie in, meaning I didn’t wake up either and as a result missing my morning lectures. Feeling guilty, I decided to cheer myself up by opening today’s window, but was sad to see a bright orange nail polish. It’s nothing personal against the colour but when I was pregnant, I had a bright orange pair of maternity jeans and the thought of them also brings horrible memories of heartburn, sickness and lack of comfort.


I reluctantly took off yesterdays polish to put this on, only to be pleasantly surprised! It has a lovely glossy finish and looks more like a bright red on the nails. The finish of these nail polishes has really converted me into investing a bit more money into my nail varnishes from now on because these seem to be giving a manicured finish. The polish today is called Hopscotch which is quite a nice name and took the sting away from the fact I had to wear bright orange for the day. I will definitely wear this polish again and I strongly recommend it for people looking for a bright red polish. Thank you Ciaté for getting me out of my bad mood.


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