Day to Night: MAC Plumful and Mac Date Night


I recently had the pleasure of having my mum come to stay with me and whenever she comes to stop we prioritise coffee and lipstick time. Last time she came it was MAC New York Apple that got added to my collection but I have always had my eye on Plumful. This time I decided to give a Plumful lipstick a loving home and with it I also got treated to a MAC DazzleGlass called Date Night. Both lipstick and lipgloss go well together which gave me an idea for this post. People be prepared for some terrible selfies…

MAC Plumful
MAC Plumful
MAC Date Night on top of MAC Plumful
MAC Date Night on top of MAC Plumful

Plumful is an amazing lipstick for everyday wear, the only way to describe it is that it’s almost like a natural lip skin tone but its also a pink and purple berry colour (I am aware that’s a terrible description) but that is honestly how I think of it. It’s daring enough to stand out but also discreet. But with the festive season here and lots of parties Date Night is perfect. People have had a lot of hatred towards lip glosses recently but I think they need to be given a chance. Date Night is so special it’s even bought me back over to the dark side. It’s got a berry tint to it and lots and lots of glitter. The glitter only shows in strong lighting which I actually think is a massive perk. These two are perfect for people who literally need to go from day to night very quickly and for people who like to play it safe with their lipsticks. Just a coat of gloss over plumful and you have lovely festive make up. What lipsticks are you wearing this christmas?


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