Day 9 & 10 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


I have decided to incorporate today’s polish and yesterday’s polish into one post. I couldn’t put a post up last night due to an exam I had today so I had to fill up my day with procrastination and short bursts of revision. However I was very excited to take off sundays polish ‘Kiss Chase’ and replace it with ‘Pillow Fight’. Pillow Fight is a bit of a contrast to Kiss Chase as I went from having bright pink nails to a murky lilac colour. It’s a very similar colour to YSL’s Gris Underground but it hasn’t quite got the blueish tones to it. Feeling tired from my long day at univeristy and my exam, it’s been quite nice painting my nails with such a relaxed colour and to cosy up inside.



I went over the top of Pillow Fight with ‘Speed Coat’ which is my first ever top coat! I’ve always been quite lazy when it comes to my nails so I was curious to see what difference a top coat makes. This top coat really does live up to its name and reputation as I was able to go and rip a cardboard box open (only a small box but it’s still fidgety work!) within minutes of painting my nails without the slightest smudge! As it’s a clear polish I am also convinced that Ciaté have put more in this bottle that they have in the others as it’s full to the brim whereas I can tell the other bottles aren’t. I feel like I’ve added an essential item to my beauty routine today. Thank you Ciaté!



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