Day 11 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Jingle all the way! I was so pleased to get another pot of glitter! Today’s is Jingle belle and it gives you the most christmassy nails I have ever seen. It’s a red glitter with green and gold tones in it. For me the main colours of christmas are red, green and gold so I think that they have got it bang on here. I painted my nails with boudoir and then lightly sprinkled the glitter over the top. I waited for a few minutes to wash my hands but when I did barely any glitter came off and my nails look nice and neat. It’s a messy job and at times emotional (it was in my case when I accidentally put the boudoir nail polish brush into the tub of glitter without realising.. boudoir is now ruined.) but it was completely worth it. I am nearly half way through my Ciaté calendar now and I can honestly say I will be a lost woman without it. Hope you’ve all enjoyed my posts so far!image


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