Day 13 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


If you’re looking at the picture and thinking that’s the same polish as yesterday, don’t worry I thought the same thing when I opened the window on my calendar. I don’t know what possessed Ciaté to put two similar colours on consecutive days but luckily for them today’s colour was so nice I’ll forgive them. Today’s colour is called ‘Ferris Wheel’ and its a much more pale mint than yesterday. In fact I think I prefer it! It was a bit tricky to apply again but I’m going to put that down to me because I am pretty useless when it comes to painting my nails. Apart from that I have no complaints! It’s a paler, more icy colour which makes it more suitable for christmas and it looks a bit more sophisticated than Pepperminty. All I can advise is to make sure you have some time before painting your nails. It’s one of those one’s you just have to keep layering up so don’t go waving your hands about soon after. I’ll leave it there for today so Happy Friday 13th!



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