Day 15 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Pink is always a nail polish colour that I think looks nice but it’s never my first choice to buy. I’ll always go for blues, or greens or any other bright colour. I am actually really pleased I’ve got so many red and pinks in this calendar as they do make a statement and stand out and it’s meant I’ve been able to experiment with colours and what suits me. Today’s polish ‘Play date’ was an instant winner as it reminds me of my favourite MAC Lipstick ‘Impassioned’. It has a redness to it but I can still spot the hot pink in it making it quite an unusual colour. As sad as I was to take yesterday’s nail varnish off, this one has really helped to ease the pain. It was easy to apply and I could have left it at one coat but I always do 2 coats no matter what colour. I’ve topped it off with ‘Speed Coat’ and now I’ve got a lovely set of shiny nails. I’ve put on my fancy ring that my Aunt gave to me before I left England just to make myself feel that extra bit special. Might sound like a silly thing to do but it’s always nice to feel good about yourself on a christmassy sunday.


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