The Body Shop Honey Bronzer



I’ve always been comfotable having pale skin and have never really gone out of my way to change that but matching my skin to make up has always been a nightmare. I am normally the palest shade of foundation but for some brands I am even lighter, and while I may have mastered the art of making my foundation match up, I have not been so lucky in the bronzer department. I used to think bronzer was for people who caked themselves in fake tan and wanted to make themselves that little bit more orange, but since getting into make up, I have had my eyes opened. After seeing how bronzer can instantly liven up the face and create a warmthness that foundation can’t achieve, I had to find one for myself. It’s been a long and emotional journey finding the one, but at last it was bought into my life after seeing it on Lily Pebble’s blog. My guess is that this was designed for pale skin, because when I went to buy one from the body shop, I thought even the darkest shade wouldn’t show up on me. I went for the 02 fair matte bronzer in the end and I must say it has worked like a dream. You can’t even tell there’s any on your face but you can see the instant warmth on your cheeks which I prefer to having the big brown smudges on your cheek bones. I absolutely love the compact packaging which for some reason reminds me of my childhood, probably because it seems quite 90’s with the brown case. The Body Shop are bringing out some great make up and brushes now so it would be worth going to your local one and checking them out!

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