A Much Needed Break

Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!
Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!

For those of you who have been reading my posts on Ciaté Mini Mani Month, you may have noticed that I never quite managed to post about polish number 24. I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I did write a post and paint my nails but I never got round to taking pictures. I then noticed that my nails are actually in terrible condition now from all the painting and taking off of nail polish and they have turned a horrible yellow making me look like I’ve got smokers fingers so I will finish mini mani month but only when my nails seem up to it!

I’ve also had a week off from studying and haven’t spoken a single word of German which has been so relaxing! Sometimes you only realise you’ve run out of steam when you actually rest and I can tell you, I needed a rest. The blog will be starting up again properly in the new year and I’m hoping it will start coming into it’s own. More lifestyle will be included so cookery, travel, and health and maybe even a few book reviews (my New Years resolution is to always have a book on the go) and my youtube channel should hopefully be up and running as well. But to those who have read my blog so far, thank you so much, it’s been a brilliant first couple of months and I can’t wait to keep writing in 2014. Happy New Year Everyone!

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