Swapping Make Up For Skincare



When my obsession with beauty began 3 years ago, it was more the make up that drew me in as opposed to skincare. 3 years on I have found myself reaching less and less for lipsticks on make up counters and heading straight towards the skin care section. What is it about skincare that’s so interesting?

  1. It gets straight to the cause.

When I have dryness, breakouts, rosacea I find covering up the problem doesn’t make me feel any better about myself. Instead I spend less money on concealing and more money on treating. My main treatment being the Odacité pimple serum, an absolute life changer.


2.  It’s better in the long run.

As a young mum, I panic that I will age a lot quicker than my childless friends due to the sleepless nights, stress and general lack of energy. However I feel better knowing that as long as I take care of my skin and keep it well nourished, early ageing shouldn’t be a problem.

3. There’s nothing like a good facial in the evening.

If I had to choose between putting on a face full of make up for a night out or having a pamper evening at home, the latter would definitely be first choice. Also the next morning you wake up with glowing skin as opposed to spotty, dry, possibly still made up skin from the night before.

4. When I do apply make up, it looks better.

I find that if I spend majority of my time at home barefaced with just my skincare products on, my make up applies so much better when I do put it on. My pores are smaller and my breakouts are kept under control.

Are you a make up addict or a skincare obsessive?



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