Honest Review: Deliciously Ella Every Day


I wish I could say that I am writing this review from an unbiased perspective but I have to admit, following Ella Woodward’s book a year ago and a user of her app, I am a huge fan of hers. However, having said I am not about to rave about her new book and if anything I have found many faults with it. Sadly this book did not meet my expectations and I found the recipes to be either too simple to the point of bland, too expensive or too full of sugar.  As someone who eats a low carb/low sugar diet, I can safely say that some of the food would make my blood sugars go through the roof and probably make me very sick. Here’s my main points about the book:

  1. Whether refined or unrefined, sugar is sugar.

Ella seems to promote the idea that having brownies packed with 500g of medjool dates is healthy. It’s not. It’s very expensive and dried fruit is probably one of the worst culprits for being packed with sugar. Yes treat yourself to these things, but do not think of these as a healthy alternative.

2. The large amounts of coconut oil.

Ella uses so, so much coconut oil in this book! Coconut oil is 92% saturated fat, whereas olive oil is 14%. Fat is good for you, don’t get me wrong, but theres eating healthy fats and then there are clogging up your arteries fats.

3. One of her recipes made me gag.

I recently tried her winter warming bowl and to be honest, it was truly awful. I am a huge fan of a nice vegetable stew, but this had the wrong combination of flavours (for me at least) and just tasted of cinnamon vegetables. Yuck.

4. A lot of her ingredients require ordering online.

As someone who tries to eat healthy on a day to day basis, I like to make sure my food is accessible and affordable. Half of Ella’s ingredients need to be ordered online, as most health food shops charge a fortune for it, so if you want to make something without coughing up too much, then you may be waiting a while.

Personally this book is better suited to someone who’s vegan and avoid’s gluten and has been for a while.  For someone who is weight or health conscious then this is not the book for you. It requires dedication and a lot of time quite frankly. Don’t let this review put you off her other work though. She has some wonderful recipes in her first book and great recipes on her app. As disappointed as I am, I am still a huge fan of hers and she has changed the way that I eat.

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