Make up to Hide Signs of Fatigue




Pregnant or not pregnant, I find myself looking exhausted and pale by the end of every winter. February tends to be the month where I feel my body really starting to crave sunlight and warm weather but being up in North Yorkshire means I have a long wait on my hands. Therefore the only solution for me is to up my coverage, add some colour to my make up and try to make people believe I am coping with the harsh northern conditions. Here’s what I tend to go for:

  1. YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.

This one is an old favourite and seems to be the only foundation that covers my redness, dark areas and smooths my skin. It gives you a glow but more a glow from within rather than a greasy glow from the surface of your skin.

2. Becca under eye corrector

This stuff has got me through the end of my pregnancy! While I haven’t been able to avoid those oh so rude ‘you look anaemic!’ comments, I haven’t yet been told how exhausted I look, which was a regular occurrence in my first pregnancy.

3. L’oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara

This stuff got me a compliment at the Chanel counter the other day! Last time I got a compliment for my eyelashes I must have been 17/18 years old and since then absolutely nothing. I really love this stuff at the moment and I see no reason why I would go for a different mascara once this runs out.

4. Ambient Lighting Edit Palette

I use the bronzer to warm up my face and blusher to add some colour. I thought the purple blush would be my preferred choice but apparently I like the pink as I use that more often.

5. A bright lip colour

I’m kind of stating the obvious here but I find going for something more peachy/orange really wakes up my complexion. If I go for a darker lipstick even on a good day then I can look exhausted so when I already look under the weather brighter colours work best. My favourite at the moment is the Rouge Dior lipstick in the colour Plissé Soleil.

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