Becoming a Bumble and Bumble Convert


There was once a day where I felt that I could never justify spending £18 on a shampoo and then a further £18 on a conditioner and I suppose there is a part of me now that still feels a slight pang of sickness when I think about how much these cost. Thankfully I had a lot of points on my boots card from buying things for the new baby, points incentives and from having worked for boots and basically buying something everyday, so I thought I might as well treat myself.

The reason why I deemed this purchase necessary was because I seem to suffer from hair loss before having a baby. It happened in my first pregnancy and it has happened in my second and I have no idea why because normally your hair falls out after you have the baby. Anyway I found my normal shampoo and conditioner was starting to dry out my hair and make my hair loss even worse so I decided to pull out the big guns and go for the Creme De Coco Tropical-Riche range from Bumble and Bumble. Firstly, these smell incredible! Right now I am so sensitive to smells and if my hair begins to smell a bit fusty then straight away I’m in the shower trying to scrub the smell off myself, but with this I am yet to get a whiff of fustiness. Also it’s really hydrating but it doesn’t leave a residue on your hair like a lot of hydrating shampoos and conditioners do. My hair has stopped falling out and feels a lot stronger and healthier despite the fact I blow dry my hair after each wash and I’ve had it dyed since. I wouldn’t recommend that every person goes out to buy this as it is so pricey but if you’re in desperate need and have some boots points going spare, then you should definitely try this range!


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Bumble and Bumble Convert

  1. I love bumble & bumble! Although I have not tried this set! It is quite pricey but I love the brand (I’ll have to use my boots points too!!) I hope your hair thickens up again soon!
    ❤️Rhi xx

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