How to Decorate a Rented House

Excuse what looks like a windscreen wiper next to the plant!

Well this is a new one for me! When it comes to interiors, I definitely do not see myself as an expert or someone with ‘vision’ and my general style seems to be ‘colourful and cosy’, which doesn’t really suit the minimalist trend that is going round at the moment. However whilst preparing for the baby and doing a bit of nesting, I’ve had to try and use my imagination a little bit.


Our desk area has been looking quite bare for a while now and I wanted to add a few bits on the wall to brighten it up. Our landlords allow us to put things up on the wall but we have to make sure they are filled in and painted over when we move out. As we only have 6 months left of our tenancy, I felt there wasn’t any point in putting new holes in the wall, therefore I found the solution that is…Washi Tape! It’s not sticky enough to drag paint off the wall but its good enough to keep our things on the wall. I used it to pop some polaroids up, a Cat Coquillette picture which I’ve been meaning to frame for a year now and a print from Andrew Dalton. I tend to change my mind a lot when it comes to interiors so this is a great way to experiment without damaging the house.

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One thought on “How to Decorate a Rented House

  1. I love your sense of style! You have some great ideas! I’m currently doing up my office so I’ll definitely check out your pinterest!
    ❤️ Rhi xx

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