One last go at blogging

Hi everyone,

I have been blogging on and off now for nearly 4 years! How crazy is that?! Unfortunately due to family, work and university commitments I have never been able to fully commit to my blogging but now that I work in marketing (something I realised I wanted to work in thanks to this blog!), I really want to give this another try and see where it goes. Obviously as I have got older, my interests have changed and although I love the odd bit of make up, skincare or clothes haul every now and then, my life generally consists of babies, work and sleeping! Hopefully I can still create some interesting content for you though and eventually I am considering vlogging! If you have anything you would like for me to write about then please let me know! Anyway thank you to those who still read my posts and follows my blog! Don’t forget I am on instagram and twitter so give me a follow on there. I would love to get to know the people who read my blog!

Anyway I will get cracking with coming up with some posts so you have some interesting bits to read soon!

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