Launching a candle company!


So I haven’t written a blog post in what feels like a trillion years but I really wanted to share some exciting things with you! My little baby is now 9 months old and VERY mischievous much like her big sister. I have a new job working full time and I have moved house so things are very different since the last time I posted. The other thing I am excited to announce is that I am helping to launch my Aunts candle company. Without sounding too biased (which obviously I am), these candles are so  luxurious and great value for money. Think of the scent pay off of a Jo Malone candle and White Company scents. If you like White Company winter scent then my Aunt’s Orange Spice candle is definitely up your street and for half the price. We are on Facebook and Instagram (@bridgepark_candles) so please give us a like and the site is launching Monday 21st November.  In the meantime if anybody would like a candle then feel free to send me an email (address on about me page)! It feels so good to be writing again and I intend to write a few more posts that are a bit more personal and about my experiences of having a second baby.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

How to Decorate a Rented House

Excuse what looks like a windscreen wiper next to the plant!

Well this is a new one for me! When it comes to interiors, I definitely do not see myself as an expert or someone with ‘vision’ and my general style seems to be ‘colourful and cosy’, which doesn’t really suit the minimalist trend that is going round at the moment. However whilst preparing for the baby and doing a bit of nesting, I’ve had to try and use my imagination a little bit.

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Banana Oat Pancakes


It just so happens that I am writing this post  the day before Pancake day (the best day of the year!) but actually these kind of pancakes are better suited to the weekend when you want a yummy breakfast but still want to keep it healthy. Continue reading “Banana Oat Pancakes”

A Very Late February Review


My blogging has really slowed down over the past couple of weeks which I can only apologise for (if anyone’s a regular reader that is!), but today I felt able to sit down and whack out a post. February was a bad month in the way of my skin and I had a constant crustacean on my face which I was sorry that people had to witness. This meant my make up routine was really taken back to basics and I opted for minimum coverage.

1) Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm.

I have been mixing one dollop of this with one small pump of foundation. It means then my foundation can then act as a tinted moisturiser ( I still can’t find a tinted moisturiser that is pale enough for my skin!), and has really given my skin a nice natural glow. Tip: This is always given away for free with magazines, both of my tubes of it were freebies!

2) Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter.

This has been so gentle on my skin during its time of constant need of hydration. I sometimes take it off using a wet cloth but to avoid irritation, I have mostly taken it off with water. It’s so amazing, that I am on my second tub of it now and trust me, it takes a lot for me to repurchase items.

3) Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

I have been using this everyday since I got it. The colours are so beautiful and on a day-to-day basis I have just been using the matte colours in my eye crease to give my eye’s a bit of definition. I might be one of few people to say that I prefer this to the other two palettes. (Apologies that I could not provide a photo, I am currently in England and the palette is in Germany, not sure how I am going to cope without it!)

4) George Orwell

Obviously this is not make up, but I cannot stop reading George Orwell books at the moment. He has the most wonderful writing style, and his books have quite a deep meaning but at the same time, are an easy read. The last book that I finished, Keeping the Aspidistra Flying, has really stayed with me and is possibly one of my favourite books ever. Coming up for air is my next read.

5) Peppermint Tea.

Yep, I’m on the peppermint tea bandwagon finally! I have really been feeling under the weather this winter, and I can’t drink cups upon cups of english tea a day like some people can but this is a perfect compromise. A couple of cups a day has really perked me up. Also I finally invested in some teapigs peppermint tea and oh my goodness. One more expensive habit to upkeep.

So there you have it, my favourites of february. Might seem a little boring, but lets face it, everyone is so exhausted by february, that I’m sure everyone has developed their own pick-me ups.  Hopefully March favourites will be a bit more interesting, as soon I will be discovering the make up scene in France.. Bank account, you better watch out!

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!

IMG_1720When I found out that I was pregnant with Isla, the idea of actually doing my year abroad seemed impossible but yet here I am, having completed my first half of my year abroad already! After having spent 7 months here in Germany, I wouldn’t say I’m fluent in the language, but I’ve definitely come a long way. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned during my time here:

1) If you have no idea what someone is saying to you, Genau! or Alles Klar! gets you everywhere.

2) Whenever someone asks in a shop if I need a bag, I never ever understand it even though I know the question is coming.

3) Don’t park your bike on a tree. I found out the hard way with an earful off our friendly neighbour.

4) If travelling with Nord West Bahn, just accept the fact that your train will be late, and it is likely that you will never arrive at your destination.

5) If you aren’t wearing a giant coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots even when its warm, then you look like a tourist.

6) Euro pop is incredible.

7) The rubbish system never gets any easier, in fact I’m more confused by it now than when I moved here.

8) Queuing doesn’t exist here, try not to take it personally and use it to your advantage.

9) If you make one slip up when speaking German to someone, you’ve missed the boat and just give in to the fact that your conversation with this person will remain in English from now on.

10) After being told that German people don’t binge drink, I was pleasantly surprised to see our respectable neighbours dressed in gimp masks and pink wigs falling over drunk at Karneval. If you thought you knew German people, then Karneval can be quick to change all your opinions and show that German people are incredibly fun.

All in all, I am so sad to be leaving this beautiful country, and have been fortunate to have the most wonderful first family home here, but now we must move on to France! On a final note..Super Deutschland Olé Olé!!

Carrot Cake Style Cupcakes


I did it again. I am a firm believer that cupcakes have a slight tackiness to them (I swear it’s the only thing I have a strong opinion on) but yet I can’t stop baking them. Hypocrite maybe?

Anyway I have made these carrot cake style cupcakes which are delicious might I say, although they may look slightly messy by the photo. Isla and Harry look very proud though! This recipe contains no nuts but obviously you can add them if you wish and I was forced to add cinnamon to the recipe instead of five spice as the five spice here in Germany has the most overwhelming star anise flavouring. Here’s the recipe and tweet me any photo’s if you make your own!



175g white sugar

2 eggs

150ml oil

200g self raising flour (or if you live somewhere where it isn’t available, yep those places exist!, then add 2 heaped teaspoons of baking powder to your plain flour)

2 carrots (grated)

2 tsp of cinammon

1 tsp vanilla essence

Cream Cheese Frosting

200g Full fat cream cheese

orange zest

70g icing sugar

1tbsp of softened butter


1) Preheat oven to 180C. Beat the sugar and eggs together until it makes a creamy, milkshake like consistency, then add the oil and mix well.

2) Add the flour, carrot, cinnamon and vanilla essence and mix together.

3) Put them in your muffin case in a cupcake tray and then cook for 15 minutes or when you can pierce the cake with something sharp and the needle comes out clean.

4) Let the cakes cool and make your icing by slowly mixing together all the ingredients and then going faster to get out any butter lumps. Sometimes it is better to make your icing at the start and then refrigerate it so it is thick and cool when it goes on your cakes.

5) Dare I say more? Ice those cakes and eat!

Jo Malone Incense and Embers


I recently read a Lily Pebbles blog about the new Jo Malone candles which inspired me to review my own! There are 4 new scents part of the new collection, Green Tomato Leaf, Lavender and Lovage, Incense and Ember and Sweet Almond and Macaroon. These four scents are apparently meant to represent the four parts of a perfect sunday which actually make sense when you look at the different smells and I imagine this is how a Sunday in the early spring time would smell.


I have had many a days at the Jo Malone counter giving these a good sniff but I was drawn to the Incense and Ember scent. I think I am quite fussy with my scents for the home, I like either warm, christmassy smells, or sweet yet musky scents but I find some of the Jo Malone scents just don’t take my fancy. Incense and Embers really ticked all the boxes for me though. It creates a warm, cosy scent throughout the room, kind of how a log fire would (hence the name) but lacks any christmassy hints to it which means it’s perfect for all year around. At £39 a pop, it’s definitely not something you should burn day and night, and personally I save it for evenings where I just need to lie in a dark room with a cold flannel on my head. Maybe I should stick the basic idea of the candles and burn it every sunday.