Has it been 2 weeks already?

Some of you have probably thought my little phase of blogging had come to an end and I had got bored of up keeping a blog site. I can assure you this is not the case! It’s been a little hectic with moving house, writing a ridiculous assignment whilst trying to tame a clingy 18 month old baby, and then being on holiday in a place so remote that I don’t think they even knew what WIFi was. However now, I am hoping that I can really get back into blogging again. I have some exciting things to review from Kiehls, Lancôme and…CIATÉ! My all time favourite nail polish brand as some of you may know. But I thought it would be worth just clearing the air and filling people in on why the blogging has stopped. I have even provided photo evidence to prove it!


Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!

IMG_1720When I found out that I was pregnant with Isla, the idea of actually doing my year abroad seemed impossible but yet here I am, having completed my first half of my year abroad already! After having spent 7 months here in Germany, I wouldn’t say I’m fluent in the language, but I’ve definitely come a long way. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned during my time here:

1) If you have no idea what someone is saying to you, Genau! or Alles Klar! gets you everywhere.

2) Whenever someone asks in a shop if I need a bag, I never ever understand it even though I know the question is coming.

3) Don’t park your bike on a tree. I found out the hard way with an earful off our friendly neighbour.

4) If travelling with Nord West Bahn, just accept the fact that your train will be late, and it is likely that you will never arrive at your destination.

5) If you aren’t wearing a giant coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots even when its warm, then you look like a tourist.

6) Euro pop is incredible.

7) The rubbish system never gets any easier, in fact I’m more confused by it now than when I moved here.

8) Queuing doesn’t exist here, try not to take it personally and use it to your advantage.

9) If you make one slip up when speaking German to someone, you’ve missed the boat and just give in to the fact that your conversation with this person will remain in English from now on.

10) After being told that German people don’t binge drink, I was pleasantly surprised to see our respectable neighbours dressed in gimp masks and pink wigs falling over drunk at Karneval. If you thought you knew German people, then Karneval can be quick to change all your opinions and show that German people are incredibly fun.

All in all, I am so sad to be leaving this beautiful country, and have been fortunate to have the most wonderful first family home here, but now we must move on to France! On a final note..Super Deutschland Olé Olé!!