Day 11 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Jingle all the way! I was so pleased to get another pot of glitter! Today’s is Jingle belle and it gives you the most christmassy nails I have ever seen. It’s a red glitter with green and gold tones in it. For me the main colours of christmas are red, green and gold so I think that they have got it bang on here. I painted my nails with boudoir and then lightly sprinkled the glitter over the top. I waited for a few minutes to wash my hands but when I did barely any glitter came off and my nails look nice and neat. It’s a messy job and at times emotional (it was in my case when I accidentally put the boudoir nail polish brush into the tub of glitter without realising.. boudoir is now ruined.) but it was completely worth it. I am nearly half way through my Ciaté calendar now and I can honestly say I will be a lost woman without it. Hope you’ve all enjoyed my posts so far!image


Day 6 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Frohen Nikolaus! We are doing it in style and celebrating christmas as the Germans do. It’s a tradition to celebrate Nikolaustag on the 6th December in memory of Nikolaus of myra who died in 346 AD and was known for miracles and secretly leaving gifts. Apparently children are supposed to leave their shoes out in the night so presents will be left in them, which obviously we have not done. However we are still going to celebrate it by having our own christmas dinner and swap a couple of presents. To make it feel even more christmassy we have had our first snow here!


Today is also day 6 of my advent calendar which surprised me with a lovely pastel shade! It’s called Sugar Plum and it looks so nice on the nails that I actually want to eat it. Although pastels are associated with spring this works because it makes me think of all the food and sweets that are out at christmas. Personally I think it makes my nails look like sugared almonds but people may say I’m thinking way too much into it (which I probably am). When I put it on I already knew I’d probably go buy the full size version of it. It’s also very discreet but then in certain light it has a lovely brightness to it. This is exactly the kind of colour I was hoping for so I think Nikolaus left it in the night for me!

Skincare Basics.. The rules.


I don’t know about any other countries but the weather in Germany literally went from being nice and warm to absolutely freezing cold overnight. I loved this because I was getting fed up of seeing christmas trees everywhere while I was walking around in just a thin jumper so now I have an excuse to get all my woolies out and layer up! My skin however has reacted very badly to this becoming dehydrated and irritated, which in turn has meant I had to become a bit more strict with my skin care routine. Skincare is probably the worst thing to get to grips with and I still haven’t quite got my head around it but I thought I should write down a few basic rules for beginners.


1) For Goodness Sake’s.. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise!

The three basic steps to any skin care routine is to wash your make up off with a cleanser, use a toner to clean the surface of the skin, and add the moisture back thats been lost when washing your face with a moisturiser. Its simple.

2) Cleansing wipes or baby wipes are for baby’s bottoms.. not for the face.

Everytime I see one of my friends take her make up off with a wipe, I just want to grab the thing off her and throw it out of the window. Its not good for your face. They contain alcohol, they have no beneficial ingredients and they are taking away any natural oils on your face. They are so bad for you!

3) Be Gentle.

Don’t scrub your face like you would scrub a dirty pan. You’re just damaging the skin even more.

4) Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is so important. If you don’t exfoliate once a week at least you’re just putting moisture onto dead skin when you moisturise. It will have absolutely no benefits.

5) Try to spend as much time as you can without any make up on.

If you come in from work, school or university and you know you’re not going out for a good few hours or even until the next day, take your make up off straight away. It just means your skin will have more time to breathe and your chances of spots will be reduced and your skin can absorb any moisturiser or balm that you have applied.

Now you may think that those rules are completely useless, but I will be making a youtube video on skincare and what products are good to use. This should be up in the next week hopefully!


Disclaimer: I am not a skin care expert, or a dermatologist but these are simply recommendations taken from blogs and youtube videos.

Sunday. Day of Make Up Rest.


In Germany literally everything is shut on a sunday. Apart from some bars and restaurants there is nothing to do here one day a week. I am perfectly fine with that though because it means a family day in, watching a film with a roast dinner. It also means I feel no obligation to put on any make up and can give my skin the day off. I’ve started getting into the habit of taking off my make up as soon as I walk in through the door and I can’t even begin to explain how this has worked wonders on my skin. I know that a whole day without make up will really have its benefits. Making the most of my day without make up, I like to make sure my skin is feeling nourished and ready for the long week ahead. I’ve recently discovered the benefits of using primers as face masks. My particular favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which you can just apply a thick layer and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve left mine on for the whole day and my skin looks ten times better. I also like to make sure my lips are pampered by keeping them smothered in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream so they’re ready to face the cold.


Another thing I like to do is make sure my nails are nice and tidy for the week. Todays nail polish is YSL Gris Underground. I’m afraid I can’t provide a URL for that as it seems to be sold out everywhere but keep an eye out for it at the YSL counters!

Winter is coming.. and so is Naked 3!

naked-palette 3

For quite a while I wasn’t sure if this was a myth or not. I am the proud owner of the first Naked Palette, but have never been able to bring myself Naked 2 due to the fact the colours seem a bit too cool for me. I was expecting Naked 3 to be the same as Naked 1 and Naked 2 but I am pleasantly surprised by this palette and all the different colours they have this time.

naked 3 palette swatch

Urban Decay seem to have gone with the current trends of rose gold, and filled the palette with rose and champagne colours. They have also added a few matte colours which always keeps me happy and to mix things up have also put in a black eye shadow with red glitter in it. Not sure what I’ll use that for but its pretty to look at. It’s being released in America any day now and soon make its way to the UK and Europe. I have registered on the American Urban Decay website which means I am now like a Hawk waiting for the launch date and if I have to get up at obscene hours of the morning, or sit online for hours hunting, so be it. I need this Palette!

P.S: Beware when looking for pictures of Naked 3 Palette on google images. It takes naked literally.

Giorgio Armani Si: The review.


Now my parents or my boyfriend might beg to differ but I actually am incredibly fussy about perfume. Some of the most popular and prestigious perfumes just smell like bathroom air freshener to me and generally I try to avoid sweet scents. I have always been a devoted fan of Guerlain perfumes such as Shalimar and La Petite Robe Noire but recently a little perfume from Armani stole my heart. The bottle is quite simple and minimalistic, quite like the brand itself, but the smell is complete opposite. My initial reaction to this was Vanilla, but as the scent settles you are then hit by lovely fruity smells. As soon as I decided it was a fruity, vanilla perfume, I was then surprised to get a certain muskiness from it. After that, the rest is history.

It's even been Isla approved!
It’s even been Isla approved!

For a good couple of months, I was sneaking into Douglas (a german make up shop, of which there are 4 outside my flat!), just to catch a whiff of that gorgeous perfume. Eventually the frequent visits to Douglas nearly sent Harry over the edge, so he decided to put himself out of his misery and buy me the perfume. Thank you Harry!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


At the moment it’s really starting to get more christmassy here in Germany. Trees are going up, lights are starting to go on and an actual german market is currently being put together outside our flat so I would have to be an absolute scrooge not to feel slightly christmassy! So today we thought we’d do our first christmas activity with our baby girl and make christmas tree decorations! Might sound lovely and sweet but trust me we are scarred from the experience. Me and Harry got screamed at, slapped, had paintbrushes thrown at us and got paint splattered on us during Isla’s best efforts to become Pablo Picasso but at least we now have decorations to send out to our family members and can keep forever and remind us of that painful day when Isla became the Grinch who tried to ruin Christmas.