Day 20, 21, 22, 23 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month

Please, Please, Please do not think I have been lazy with my blog lately, but I’m sure many of you can agree that the final few days before christmas are possibly the most hectic and chaotic days you will ever experience. Friday was basically taken up with a whole day of travelling back from Germany to England, which was so manic there were literally people crying on the floor of the train (myself included). This weekend has been spent celebrating my Mum’s 50th birthday! It’s been brilliant fun and I even got to go on a spa day which has left me feeling so relaxed before the big day. I’ll also be honest that in all of that time my upkeep of my nails has come to a halt and I have one hand covered in friday’s polish and one hand covered in saturday’s, as I intended to write this post days ago. I’ll cram everything into one today though, as I’m sure most people don’t have the time to go reading individual posts anyway!

Day 20: Ivory Queen.


Ciaté have got every nail polish right so far minus the nail beads but they really aren’t very good with timing. On day 18 I got ‘Amazing Gracie’ which was the most gorgeous pale pink but then 2 days later I got basically the same colour but just a bit more “ivory”. Nevertheless I still love it and it’s another nude to add to my collection. This calendar has really helped my to discover polishes I would never normally wear.

Day 21: Confetti.


Glitter polishes tend to be hit and miss. Some barely show up and some are just ridiculously gritty and make my teeth grind everytime I grate my nails off something. Confetti is niether of those and went over Ivory Queen like a dream. The finish was so lovely and was a surprise competitor for my favourite glitter polish so far!

Day 22: Christmas Tree Caviar.


Ahh Ohh they did it again. They gave me bloody nail beads. These are little more christmassy which made me willing to try them but I think these will be going off to charity. It’s a shame because even if I did like nail beads I couldn’t wear them anyway due to the mess they leave. Not for the neat freaks!

Day 23: Locket.


Well we’re all thinking it so I might as well say it. This looks shit. But it’s really not! It’s a glitter polish with silver pigment in it which I didn’t realise it had so I painted it over “boudoir” thinking it would look cool and christmassy, when in fact I was completely wrong and made a complete mess. As a polish on its own though it’s very unique and very pretty!