Feeling Christmassy and a brief update!

15135781_538085743056773_2926115988866110265_nI have definitely been off the radar since having the baby and I had slightly given up on my blog. However at this time of year I always miss my blog as it was in December 2013 when it really came into it’s own, so i thought I would update you on a few things!

  1. The baba is 9 months old!

I cannot get her to stop crawling and she’s at the stage where you turn your back for one second and she’s gone. Time to crack out the baby gates again!

2. I have a new job!

I have a full time job working for a university and I absolutely love it. I’m learning loads about sales, marketing and admin.

3. I am selling candles!

My aunt has recently started up a luxury candle business and she really is making some beautiful candles. Inspired by candles such as jo malone, white company and diptyque, they really are unique scents and have an incredible sent pay off. Head over to www.bridgeparkcandlecompany.co.uk and get some beautiful christmas candles for your loved ones!

4. I moved house!

As much as Ioved my old house, it became too small after having the baby. We have now moved somewhere a bit more rural and have lots more space! We are loving the country life so far!

Even though 2016 has felt like a crappy year, it has actually been a really eventful one for us and I am proud of what we have all achieved over the past year. Here’s to another successful year!

Launching a candle company!


So I haven’t written a blog post in what feels like a trillion years but I really wanted to share some exciting things with you! My little baby is now 9 months old and VERY mischievous much like her big sister. I have a new job working full time and I have moved house so things are very different since the last time I posted. The other thing I am excited to announce is that I am helping to launch my Aunts candle company. Without sounding too biased (which obviously I am), these candles are so  luxurious and great value for money. Think of the scent pay off of a Jo Malone candle and White Company scents. If you like White Company winter scent then my Aunt’s Orange Spice candle is definitely up your street and for half the price. We are on Facebook and Instagram (@bridgepark_candles) so please give us a like and the site is launching Monday 21st November.  In the meantime if anybody would like a candle then feel free to send me an email (address on about me page)! It feels so good to be writing again and I intend to write a few more posts that are a bit more personal and about my experiences of having a second baby.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

A Much Needed Break

Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!
Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!

For those of you who have been reading my posts on Ciaté Mini Mani Month, you may have noticed that I never quite managed to post about polish number 24. I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I did write a post and paint my nails but I never got round to taking pictures. I then noticed that my nails are actually in terrible condition now from all the painting and taking off of nail polish and they have turned a horrible yellow making me look like I’ve got smokers fingers so I will finish mini mani month but only when my nails seem up to it!

I’ve also had a week off from studying and haven’t spoken a single word of German which has been so relaxing! Sometimes you only realise you’ve run out of steam when you actually rest and I can tell you, I needed a rest. The blog will be starting up again properly in the new year and I’m hoping it will start coming into it’s own. More lifestyle will be included so cookery, travel, and health and maybe even a few book reviews (my New Years resolution is to always have a book on the go) and my youtube channel should hopefully be up and running as well. But to those who have read my blog so far, thank you so much, it’s been a brilliant first couple of months and I can’t wait to keep writing in 2014. Happy New Year Everyone!

Day 20, 21, 22, 23 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month

Please, Please, Please do not think I have been lazy with my blog lately, but I’m sure many of you can agree that the final few days before christmas are possibly the most hectic and chaotic days you will ever experience. Friday was basically taken up with a whole day of travelling back from Germany to England, which was so manic there were literally people crying on the floor of the train (myself included). This weekend has been spent celebrating my Mum’s 50th birthday! It’s been brilliant fun and I even got to go on a spa day which has left me feeling so relaxed before the big day. I’ll also be honest that in all of that time my upkeep of my nails has come to a halt and I have one hand covered in friday’s polish and one hand covered in saturday’s, as I intended to write this post days ago. I’ll cram everything into one today though, as I’m sure most people don’t have the time to go reading individual posts anyway!

Day 20: Ivory Queen.


Ciaté have got every nail polish right so far minus the nail beads but they really aren’t very good with timing. On day 18 I got ‘Amazing Gracie’ which was the most gorgeous pale pink but then 2 days later I got basically the same colour but just a bit more “ivory”. Nevertheless I still love it and it’s another nude to add to my collection. This calendar has really helped my to discover polishes I would never normally wear.

Day 21: Confetti.


Glitter polishes tend to be hit and miss. Some barely show up and some are just ridiculously gritty and make my teeth grind everytime I grate my nails off something. Confetti is niether of those and went over Ivory Queen like a dream. The finish was so lovely and was a surprise competitor for my favourite glitter polish so far!

Day 22: Christmas Tree Caviar.


Ahh Ohh they did it again. They gave me bloody nail beads. These are little more christmassy which made me willing to try them but I think these will be going off to charity. It’s a shame because even if I did like nail beads I couldn’t wear them anyway due to the mess they leave. Not for the neat freaks!

Day 23: Locket.


Well we’re all thinking it so I might as well say it. This looks shit. But it’s really not! It’s a glitter polish with silver pigment in it which I didn’t realise it had so I painted it over “boudoir” thinking it would look cool and christmassy, when in fact I was completely wrong and made a complete mess. As a polish on its own though it’s very unique and very pretty!

Day 19 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month

I’m afraid I have nothing to show you today as I got ‘Underwear’ which is a base coat and I think my nails deserve a rest from all the constant nail polish remover they’ve been exposed to, but I trust that it will be a very good base coat.


I thought this would be a good opportunity to say Merry Christmas to everyone and also spread some good will. We can honestly say that some point in our lives, particuarly at christmas we receive beauty products such as soap, make up or even perfume we will never even use. I have never done this myself but I have known people to just give the present away to someone else the following christmas which is always risky business. I have promised myself from now on, that any products I won’t use, as they may not suit me or my skin type, or simply not my taste will be donated to a charity that collects beauty products for women who are most in need of them. I know to some people that may not seem like a necessity but for women who may have lost their homes, left violent relationships or any circumstance that has left them vulnerable, then I can imagine a little box of luxuries would really put a smile on their face. Obviously I won’t just be donating christmas presents as I always get lovely presents off my friends and family, but I have products I know I won’t use again and would rather give them to someone who actually needs them. The charity I will be donating to is called Give and Make up which is based in London and fast becoming an established little charity. If you don’t fancy making up a box of goodies then why not just drop your products into a charity shop, as either way it will go towards a good cause.

Anyway Merry Christmas everyone and to those who haven’t started/finished their christmas shopping, I wish you the best of luck!

Day 17 and 18 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month

Confession time. I actively decided not to write a post yesterday as the polish I got was something that I would never, ever wear. It was Caviar Pearls ‘Frost Yourself’ which is nice and all, but honestly, I just don’t do nail art. There seems to be a trend of decorating your ring finger with beads or glitter and call me opinionated, boring or just miserable but I don’t understand it! It just looks half done to me. So to anyone who likes the look of it, let me know and I’ll send it your way, otherwise it will probably go to a make up charity.


On the other hand, I got a nail polish today that I absolutely adore. It’s called ‘Amazing Gracie’ and resembles Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’ which I have had my eye on for so long now. Hopefully this should tide me over for a while and satisfy my craving for ballet slippers. It took a few layers but what else would you expect with such a pale nail varnish colour. I topped it off with speed coat which has fast become an essential part of my routine. In this case, every cloud has a silver lining.



Day 16 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


After more than 2 weeks of wearing glitter, reds, blues and some pastels, it felt like it was time to tone it down. Lucky for me Ciaté agreed and presented me with ‘Members Only’. The picture makes it look like a gold colour when in fact its more of a pink. In short, it’s a rose gold. It’s barely noticeable but at the same time you catch an occasional glimpse of shiny pink nails. I had to apply it 3 times before I got any real colour showing through but it was completely worth it. It hasn’t even smudged amongst my evening of present wrapping, a crying baby and tidying the flat which believe me, IS an accomplishment. I’ll leave it up to the pictures to explain the rest so until tomorrow!