Lierac dark circle corrector


I have always suffered with problematic dark circles, which has ironically always cast a shadow over my make up routine. I have always had to avoid smoky eye’s and bold lips, as my dark circles have just made me look like a zombie. Although I have now gone a skin shade darker from the tanning here in france, my circles have also gone darker thanks to migraines, poor quality nights sleep and having consumed a large amount of french wine. After being told time and time again that I look exhausted, I decided to change my concealer from my beloved Estée Lauder Double wear creamy concealer (I still love you!) to something much stronger. This bought me to Lierac Diopticerne teinte. Its a strange french pharmacy concealer, which comes out like a mousse but honestly is the best concealer I have ever used. It’s not the best idea to apply it while its moussey (don’t think thats even a word!) so I just rub it on the back of my hand and knock the air out of it and then it applies really smoothly. There’s a coloured one which I bought or a white one which I presume you can go over with your normal concealer to get the colouring right. I thank the french pharmacy god’s for creating this and possibly changing my life for the better.

Make up for a long weekend.

I am really excited to be flying back to England this weekend to see my family and have a relaxed few days at home but I have a slight problem. I am only taking hand luggage with me on the way there, as I am travelling alone with the baby this time and would prefer not to have bags upon bags to carry. This means I have to really shrink down my make up collection. So what’s coming with me?


I’ve gone for my YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. This is my new favourite foundation and it wouldn’t feel right not taking it away with me. My concealer is my Estée Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place high cover concealer which is also one of the most recent ground breaking discoveries. For blusher I am taking home Illamasqua Beg which is a deep red/purple colour and needs to be used sparingly. For eyeshadow I am taking home two MAC eyeshadows, All that glitters for the lid and Wedge for the crease. Mac Teddy Kohl eyeliner is also coming with me and I am really getting into wearing brown instead of black eyeliner again. Laura Mercier long lash Mascara has also earned a place in the capsule make up bag along with my trusty Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, they make quite a pair together. Obviously after that I am taking my Body Shop Honey Bronzer as there is no alternative for that, and two of the Nars Lip pencils: Biscayne Park and Dolce Vita.

I am very confident that my choices will more than see me through the next four days and if not, then there’s always a Selfridges in Birmingham!

What’s in my make up bag?… The Concealers

imageI have always suffered with dark circles under my eyes, as it runs through our family. While my friends say that they have never noticed them, that is purely because I have slapped on some much concealer, and they would need 20/20 vision to see whats underneath all that make up. It is an actual curse having dark circles, comments such as, “you look tired Sarah” and “baby keeping you up?” have always grated on me,  but since the discovery of Bobbi Brown Corrector those comments are a thing of the past. Everybody will know this anyway but one of my most important life lessons for me was that pink tones cover dark circles and yellow tones cover redness. I have been a changed woman since.


I start my concealer routine buy putting on my Benefit primer, Stay Don’t Stray, but that’s only if I look particularly tired or if I have a blemish I need to cover. I’ll then dab some corrector under my eyes just on the dark circles, and cover it over with any yellow toned concealer I fancy. My favourite yellow toned concealer is MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW20, after that it’s Estée Lauder Double Wear. The Collections concealer, Lasting Perfection, is perfect for spots, as I can layer it up and it blends seamlessly leaving no tell tale signs. So for anyone out there who has surrendered to a life of looking exhausted then I hope this has helped. Trust me if I can cover my dark circles, anyone can.