Day 15 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Pink is always a nail polish colour that I think looks nice but it’s never my first choice to buy. I’ll always go for blues, or greens or any other bright colour. I am actually really pleased I’ve got so many red and pinks in this calendar as they do make a statement and stand out and it’s meant I’ve been able to experiment with colours and what suits me. Today’s polish ‘Play date’ was an instant winner as it reminds me of my favourite MAC Lipstick ‘Impassioned’. It has a redness to it but I can still spot the hot pink in it making it quite an unusual colour. As sad as I was to take yesterday’s nail varnish off, this one has really helped to ease the pain. It was easy to apply and I could have left it at one coat but I always do 2 coats no matter what colour. I’ve topped it off with ‘Speed Coat’ and now I’ve got a lovely set of shiny nails. I’ve put on my fancy ring that my Aunt gave to me before I left England just to make myself feel that extra bit special. Might sound like a silly thing to do but it’s always nice to feel good about yourself on a christmassy sunday.


Day 5 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


I’m keeping this post short and sweet as I’ve got a mountain of work to do and not nearly enough time hence why this post has gone up a few hours later than normal. Today’s polish was called encore! Which is quite relevant as I will be using it encore! When I put it on, I thought that this colour would have been perfect a couple of months ago when it was fall/autumn in Germany as it reminded me of all the colours you see when leaves start to fall. The colour can only be described as a brick red and it conveniently went with my jumper that I put on today! Despite the fact I had to get on and do some jobs as soon as I’d painted my nails, they have remained relatively smudge free and shiny.



So to sum it up I’ve had 3 reds and 2 glitter polishes for my first 5 days so I’m predicting something completely different for tomorrow such as a purple or a blue. Watch this Space!

Skincare Basics.. The rules.


I don’t know about any other countries but the weather in Germany literally went from being nice and warm to absolutely freezing cold overnight. I loved this because I was getting fed up of seeing christmas trees everywhere while I was walking around in just a thin jumper so now I have an excuse to get all my woolies out and layer up! My skin however has reacted very badly to this becoming dehydrated and irritated, which in turn has meant I had to become a bit more strict with my skin care routine. Skincare is probably the worst thing to get to grips with and I still haven’t quite got my head around it but I thought I should write down a few basic rules for beginners.


1) For Goodness Sake’s.. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise!

The three basic steps to any skin care routine is to wash your make up off with a cleanser, use a toner to clean the surface of the skin, and add the moisture back thats been lost when washing your face with a moisturiser. Its simple.

2) Cleansing wipes or baby wipes are for baby’s bottoms.. not for the face.

Everytime I see one of my friends take her make up off with a wipe, I just want to grab the thing off her and throw it out of the window. Its not good for your face. They contain alcohol, they have no beneficial ingredients and they are taking away any natural oils on your face. They are so bad for you!

3) Be Gentle.

Don’t scrub your face like you would scrub a dirty pan. You’re just damaging the skin even more.

4) Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is so important. If you don’t exfoliate once a week at least you’re just putting moisture onto dead skin when you moisturise. It will have absolutely no benefits.

5) Try to spend as much time as you can without any make up on.

If you come in from work, school or university and you know you’re not going out for a good few hours or even until the next day, take your make up off straight away. It just means your skin will have more time to breathe and your chances of spots will be reduced and your skin can absorb any moisturiser or balm that you have applied.

Now you may think that those rules are completely useless, but I will be making a youtube video on skincare and what products are good to use. This should be up in the next week hopefully!


Disclaimer: I am not a skin care expert, or a dermatologist but these are simply recommendations taken from blogs and youtube videos.