How to Decorate a Rented House

Excuse what looks like a windscreen wiper next to the plant!

Well this is a new one for me! When it comes to interiors, I definitely do not see myself as an expert or someone with ‘vision’ and my general style seems to be ‘colourful and cosy’, which doesn’t really suit the minimalist trend that is going round at the moment. However whilst preparing for the baby and doing a bit of nesting, I’ve had to try and use my imagination a little bit.

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Banana Oat Pancakes


It just so happens that I am writing this post  the day before Pancake day (the best day of the year!) but actually these kind of pancakes are better suited to the weekend when you want a yummy breakfast but still want to keep it healthy. Continue reading “Banana Oat Pancakes”

I can write again!


To anyone who may still occasionally read my blog or to people who may have just happened to stumble upon my blog, thank you for continuing to visit my site. After a couple of years of working and studying, I now feel I am in a position to focus on The Language Of Beauty again and if I can, try to expand my blog even more. I have genuinely missed the buzz of writing blog posts and receiving comments but my final year of my degree took over which obviously took priority. Now I am working part time and waiting for baby number 2 to arrive (yes we’re having another baby!!), and I feel I can now take this on as a hobby again and invest more time into the site. I have years worth of make up, skincare and lifestyle to write about so please take a read if you fancy and let me know your thoughts. I will be posting again very shortly! Auf wiedersehen!

Jo Malone Incense and Embers


I recently read a Lily Pebbles blog about the new Jo Malone candles which inspired me to review my own! There are 4 new scents part of the new collection, Green Tomato Leaf, Lavender and Lovage, Incense and Ember and Sweet Almond and Macaroon. These four scents are apparently meant to represent the four parts of a perfect sunday which actually make sense when you look at the different smells and I imagine this is how a Sunday in the early spring time would smell.


I have had many a days at the Jo Malone counter giving these a good sniff but I was drawn to the Incense and Ember scent. I think I am quite fussy with my scents for the home, I like either warm, christmassy smells, or sweet yet musky scents but I find some of the Jo Malone scents just don’t take my fancy. Incense and Embers really ticked all the boxes for me though. It creates a warm, cosy scent throughout the room, kind of how a log fire would (hence the name) but lacks any christmassy hints to it which means it’s perfect for all year around. At £39 a pop, it’s definitely not something you should burn day and night, and personally I save it for evenings where I just need to lie in a dark room with a cold flannel on my head. Maybe I should stick the basic idea of the candles and burn it every sunday.

A Much Needed Break

Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!
Had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day with the family!

For those of you who have been reading my posts on Ciaté Mini Mani Month, you may have noticed that I never quite managed to post about polish number 24. I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I did write a post and paint my nails but I never got round to taking pictures. I then noticed that my nails are actually in terrible condition now from all the painting and taking off of nail polish and they have turned a horrible yellow making me look like I’ve got smokers fingers so I will finish mini mani month but only when my nails seem up to it!

I’ve also had a week off from studying and haven’t spoken a single word of German which has been so relaxing! Sometimes you only realise you’ve run out of steam when you actually rest and I can tell you, I needed a rest. The blog will be starting up again properly in the new year and I’m hoping it will start coming into it’s own. More lifestyle will be included so cookery, travel, and health and maybe even a few book reviews (my New Years resolution is to always have a book on the go) and my youtube channel should hopefully be up and running as well. But to those who have read my blog so far, thank you so much, it’s been a brilliant first couple of months and I can’t wait to keep writing in 2014. Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


At the moment it’s really starting to get more christmassy here in Germany. Trees are going up, lights are starting to go on and an actual german market is currently being put together outside our flat so I would have to be an absolute scrooge not to feel slightly christmassy! So today we thought we’d do our first christmas activity with our baby girl and make christmas tree decorations! Might sound lovely and sweet but trust me we are scarred from the experience. Me and Harry got screamed at, slapped, had paintbrushes thrown at us and got paint splattered on us during Isla’s best efforts to become Pablo Picasso but at least we now have decorations to send out to our family members and can keep forever and remind us of that painful day when Isla became the Grinch who tried to ruin Christmas.

Things We All Miss About Living With Our Parents.


I don’t know about you but now and then I just have these moments where I crave to be back at home in Birmingham living with my mum especially in the winter. There are also other moments when I think, ‘How did my mum do it? Go to work, run a house, and keep everything running smoothly.’ I know now there a things I definitely took for granted such as:

1)  “Whats for tea mum?”

Nowadays Im filled with dread at the very thought of looking in my fridge or cupboards and tying to conjure up a meal out of biscuits, jarred kale and dried chillies. In my flat, food literally disappears before your own eyes as soon as it comes through the front door (I do have a Harry and a baby to feed). At my mum’s however, she could literally make something out of nothing and whats more doing it without a hint of stress.

2)  “How do I wash it?”

I miss the good old days of buying a jumper, or a coat or any item of clothing and not even give a second thought to how I clean it. Now however I have to carefully consider if its worth buying that jumper or jacket that’s hand wash only because lets face it, hand washing is a complete pain in the backside (for me it is anyway). I also have an aversion to ironing after being sacked from my first ever job as an ironing lady which still fills me with horror to this day.

3) “I don’t feel well mum.”

I was extremely lucky to have a mum who was also a nurse so when I came down with an illness, my mum would know what it is and how to treat it. Such treatments would include tea, chocolate, spaghetti bolognese (my ultimate comfort food) and unlimited sympathy (something that is extremely lacking when living in a student house). I can’t moan now though as Harry also makes a wonderful nurse.

4) “Fancy some coffee and cake.”

Going for an afternoon coffee and cake was something I really enjoyed doing with my mum. Whether it was for a quick chat, or to sit there in silence playing on our iPads it was still a nice thing to do. If I was ever upset about something my mum would always take me for coffee and cake and let me pour my heart out.

5) “I can smell something gross.”

Ok so that last quote doesn’t apply to experiences from home, except for when the dog might have the odd accident. I have said that line far too many times in student houses and occasionally the flat I live in now but that just tends to be the baby’s nappy. At home though it always smells wonderful. I don’t know what it is but home just smells so amazing and it’s a smell that I’ve never been able to recreate. For me, there’s no smell like home.