January Reading List


I don’t know about anywhere else but up in the North of England it has been ffreeezzzing! The combination of below freezing temperatures, the end of my pregnancy creeping up and good old January blues has meant that all I have time for is getting under a blanket, lighting a candle and reading a book (I gave up daytime television a long time ago after seeing someone on Jeremy Kyle wearing the same outfit as me…. Damn you Primark!). I’ve been taking every opportunity to get reading this month as next month I will have a very teeny person demanding all of my attention. So what have I read so far?

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Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow


I am a devoted follower of Lisa Eldridge and her work as she always goes for a variety of products in her tutorials and uses them beautifully. In her most recent video click here was based on old Hollywood and vintage golds, which is perfect for this time of year and obviously made me want to go out anf buy the products she used. My particular favourite was the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow, which looked like a fine, powder like, bright, gold glitter.  I was willing to part with my money, (although Harry wasn’t so enthusiastic) but luckily a tweet from Lisa revealed that Essence Metal Glam is a dupe! It has the exact same consistency as the Bobbi Brown Shadow although it may be a little bit more white than gold but it applies so sheer that you can barely tell the difference.



The colour I got was 07 Golden Up! and I also treated myself to 05 Chocolate Jewellery which is a brown eyeshadow with flecks of green and gold glitter. These came in at €2.45 each so it’s most likely I will be returning for more. Essence is starting to make it’s way over to the UK but very slowly otherwise its available here.