Feeling Christmassy and a brief update!

15135781_538085743056773_2926115988866110265_nI have definitely been off the radar since having the baby and I had slightly given up on my blog. However at this time of year I always miss my blog as it was in December 2013 when it really came into it’s own, so i thought I would update you on a few things!

  1. The baba is 9 months old!

I cannot get her to stop crawling and she’s at the stage where you turn your back for one second and she’s gone. Time to crack out the baby gates again!

2. I have a new job!

I have a full time job working for a university and I absolutely love it. I’m learning loads about sales, marketing and admin.

3. I am selling candles!

My aunt has recently started up a luxury candle business and she really is making some beautiful candles. Inspired by candles such as jo malone, white company and diptyque, they really are unique scents and have an incredible sent pay off. Head over to www.bridgeparkcandlecompany.co.uk and get some beautiful christmas candles for your loved ones!

4. I moved house!

As much as Ioved my old house, it became too small after having the baby. We have now moved somewhere a bit more rural and have lots more space! We are loving the country life so far!

Even though 2016 has felt like a crappy year, it has actually been a really eventful one for us and I am proud of what we have all achieved over the past year. Here’s to another successful year!

Day 4 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


So today was an absolute corker! Rather than a nail varnish I got a pot of glitter called Sequin Miss Mistletoe and it really does sum up the Christmas season. Its a combination of red, orange, gold and peach sequins and you simply pour them onto wet nails. You can choose any nail polish to go underneath, but I thought the glitter was so lovely itself, that I kept it fairly neutral and used Rimmel Salon Pro Reggae Splash. I have only painted my thumb today as this glitter is so special that I wanted to keep it for any upcoming christmas parties or even New Year’s Eve. Can’t wait to see what’s in tomorrow’s window!


Rimmel Salon Pro Reggae Splash to go with Miss Mistletoe
Rimmel Salon Pro Reggae Splash to go with Miss Mistletoe