January Favourites + Lush Haul


It fills me with great pleasure to say that it is finally the end of January! February sets to be an eventful month with Pancake Day, Valentines Day and then of course the arrival of our second baby! As the past month has been full of nausea (yep that happens at the end of pregnancy apparently), exhaustion and a general yucky feeling, I honestly thought I wouldn’t have any particular favourites to mention. However it turns out that I have more than anticipated, so I should probably get to work!

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January Sales


The January sales, otherwise known as the time that I bought the Elizabeth Arden Counter. I’ll be perfectly honest, I have always loved the January sales despite the many cat fights that I witness in Topshop and seeing poor Zara being turned into a Jumble Sale, but it is only recently that I realised they also do incredible sales on make up! This was very much taken advantage of in House of Fraser in my local town. The shopping experience was peaceful to say the least as there were no crowds so I let loose and grabbed everything I liked. I sometimes feel that Elizabeth Arden can go unappreciated particularly as it isn’t stocked in Selfridges, and I can assure you they have some amazing products. Here’s my list of Elizabeth Arden Favourites:


1) The Eight Hour Range.

With what started as a skin repair cream, turned into a cult product and now has a whole range of products, from facial moisturisers and hand creams to moisturising lipsticks. I recently found a brand new Eight hour lipstick in my coat pocket that I clearly forgot about last winter. I can’t even explain the joy that went through me!

2) The Eye and Lip Make Up Remover.


I’m waiting for this product to explode all over the internet. It’s an oil based eye makeup remover but it feels like water on your skin and barely leaves any grease around your eyes after. It dissolves eye make up in a second and feels so gentle. This has now topped my old Clarins favourite and Lancôme’s Bi-Facile.

3) The Amazing Gift Sets.


The gifts from Elizabeth Arden are absolute winners. My mum has been buying them for years which in turn I have been stealing for years (sorry mum). My latest gift set included 2 Lip glosses, 3 Lipsticks, 2 Lipliners, 2 Eyeliners, 1 Eyeshadow and Blusher Palette, a Highlighter, 3 Brushes and one bottle of Eye makeup remover all for £30. I love January Sales!

4) Prevage.

I don’t use this myself but I have heard great things about this. It’s supposed to be a revolutionary anti ageing range which my mum has fallen in love with. It’s made mum’s skin look lovely and dewy since she’s been using it and has left a noticeable difference.

For people who haven’t tried Elizabeth Arden, the brand is really worth exploring!

Winter is coming.. and so is Naked 3!

naked-palette 3

For quite a while I wasn’t sure if this was a myth or not. I am the proud owner of the first Naked Palette, but have never been able to bring myself Naked 2 due to the fact the colours seem a bit too cool for me. I was expecting Naked 3 to be the same as Naked 1 and Naked 2 but I am pleasantly surprised by this palette and all the different colours they have this time.

naked 3 palette swatch

Urban Decay seem to have gone with the current trends of rose gold, and filled the palette with rose and champagne colours. They have also added a few matte colours which always keeps me happy and to mix things up have also put in a black eye shadow with red glitter in it. Not sure what I’ll use that for but its pretty to look at. It’s being released in America any day now and soon make its way to the UK and Europe. I have registered on the American Urban Decay website which means I am now like a Hawk waiting for the launch date and if I have to get up at obscene hours of the morning, or sit online for hours hunting, so be it. I need this Palette!

P.S: Beware when looking for pictures of Naked 3 Palette on google images. It takes naked literally.