Summer Evening Favourites


For me, it is officially summer. I seem to be spending every waking hour at the beach and haven’t put on a cardigan, coat or jumper in a long while so for me that confirms that spring is now summer (where I am anyway). I love summer daytime but I do love the evenings too. You don’t have to put layers upon layers over your outfit that you probably spent ages deciding on and you always look a bit more full of life. This also means bright lipsticks and lighter perfumes can come out after having been stashed away for what can only feel like eternity. My summer evening duo consists of MAC Impassioned (don’t be fooled by writing on the bottom, its called IMPASSIONED not I’M PASSIONED as I embarrassingly said to the woman at the MAC counter) and Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, the most summery perfume you can ever smell. It smells like a piña colada, my favourite cocktail in the world, so if anything is going to get me in the summery mood, it’s this. With these together, I feel like a woman pretty well put together and even on a particularly cold evening these would boost my mood instantly. As I’m feeling summery, I am putting together my summer make up routine at the moment which can only mean I have to take some selfies so watch this space if you want to see me looking completely out of my comfort zone! Whats your go to summer time make up?


Giorgio Armani Si: The review.


Now my parents or my boyfriend might beg to differ but I actually am incredibly fussy about perfume. Some of the most popular and prestigious perfumes just smell like bathroom air freshener to me and generally I try to avoid sweet scents. I have always been a devoted fan of Guerlain perfumes such as Shalimar and La Petite Robe Noire but recently a little perfume from Armani stole my heart. The bottle is quite simple and minimalistic, quite like the brand itself, but the smell is complete opposite. My initial reaction to this was Vanilla, but as the scent settles you are then hit by lovely fruity smells. As soon as I decided it was a fruity, vanilla perfume, I was then surprised to get a certain muskiness from it. After that, the rest is history.

It's even been Isla approved!
It’s even been Isla approved!

For a good couple of months, I was sneaking into Douglas (a german make up shop, of which there are 4 outside my flat!), just to catch a whiff of that gorgeous perfume. Eventually the frequent visits to Douglas nearly sent Harry over the edge, so he decided to put himself out of his misery and buy me the perfume. Thank you Harry!