January Favourites + Lush Haul


It fills me with great pleasure to say that it is finally the end of January! February sets to be an eventful month with Pancake Day, Valentines Day and then of course the arrival of our second baby! As the past month has been full of nausea (yep that happens at the end of pregnancy apparently), exhaustion and a general yucky feeling, I honestly thought I wouldn’t have any particular favourites to mention. However it turns out that I have more than anticipated, so I should probably get to work!

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Swapping Make Up For Skincare



When my obsession with beauty began 3 years ago, it was more the make up that drew me in as opposed to skincare. 3 years on I have found myself reaching less and less for lipsticks on make up counters and heading straight towards the skin care section. What is it about skincare that’s so interesting?

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Lancôme Dreamtone. The Review.


Before I moved to Germany in August, DreamTone was on pre sale at the Lancôme counter in Selfridges. Knowing that Germany release new products much later than the UK, I begged Harry to buy it for me for my birthday. I’ve only recently started investing in skin care and I’ve always had blotchy skin so DreamTone seemed like the way to go.

There are 3 different DreamTone serums, one for fair skin, one for medium skin and one for dark skin, each having a different target.

Fair: Correction of redness

Medium: Correction of sallow skin and dull tones

Dark: Correction of acne and blemish marks

Whilst I ummed and ahhed about whether I really needed DreamTone, I can specifically remember the Sales woman saying, “After 3 months of using this product, 30% of 100  women dared to go bare.”.  Although 30% may seem small, getting 33 out of 100 women to not wear any foundation is actually quite an accomplishment! So that was that, DreamTone for fair skin was mine.

I’ve been using it now since September 14th (my birthday) and I am very happy to announce that I can see a difference in my skin. I wouldn’t go as far as daring to go bare but it is still early days yet and a bottle of DreamTone is supposed to last 6 months which makes the £69 price tag worthwhile. Lets just hope the next few months will bring me flawless skin!

Lancôme DreamTone