Becoming a Bumble and Bumble Convert


There was once a day where I felt that I could never justify spending £18 on a shampoo and then a further £18 on a conditioner and I suppose there is a part of me now that still feels a slight pang of sickness when I think about how much these cost. Thankfully I had a lot of points on my boots card from buying things for the new baby, points incentives and from having worked for boots and basically buying something everyday, so I thought I might as well treat myself.

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How clean is your hair?


I’ll go back to the very beginning of my hair story. Last year in May, I decided to get a perm. It was only a gentle one to add some wave and volume to your hair. It was probably the best decision I have ever made concerning my hair but I was unaware of the commitment that I was making. Yes I was able to quickly wash my hair, leave it to dry and then have a natural set of waves for the day, but oh the dryness. Since then I have constantly been using hair masks, repair shampoos and conditioners and avoiding the use of heat on my hair. In December I decided enough was enough as I could literally see my ends snapping off before my very own eyes. I got a few inches lopped off, in the hope my hair would start looking and feeling back to it’s normal health. The only thing was, I didn’t realise was that all my intensive repair products would work against me with my shorter hair. Until the other day, I would wash my hair, and then find as soon as I’d dried it that it was still a bit greasy. I decided to take action and walk over to my local body shop and get myself a deep cleansing shampoo called Rainforest Oil Balance Shampoo. Oh my goodness am I glad I did that. After one wash, my hair looked so fluffy and shiny. Harry even said my hair looked a lot lighter? Shows how much extra oil and dirt I must have been harbouring. But for €6.50 it has really done a salon level job on my hair and I am actually feeling a more confident that I don’t look like a greasy bag of chips every time I go outside. The Body Shop really has come back into my life in a big way and now I am eyeing up their tinted moisturiser since another blogger suggested it to me. This shampoo has restored my faith in all body shop products and I’m sure I’ll be back in there this weekend snooping around for my next big buy!