Ciaté Sweet Pea


When deciding my second polish to try out of the Doll House Collection, I thought maybe I’d try my least favourite colour so I could save the best until last. Unfortunately there was no least favourite so I just went for what took my fancy. Today’s was Sweet Pea. A lovely matte green that really draws attention to the nails. I will confess I applied this to my nails after 2 glasses of cheap red wine and having just done the washing up, so the pictures will not do this justice. But this was the colour that convinced me to buy the collection and it really justified that £18 that I spent. This looks good matte or glossy but I think its already a bright colour so why not make it stand out a bit more by wearing it matte. This is a brilliant colour for spring (as clichéd as that line is) and personally I think that it is a better version of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple.


Ciaté Doll House Collection


I am ridiculously excited to announce that I am doing another Ciaté rundown! This one won’t cover a whole month like the last one, but will span over five days. Today is just a brief intro to what I will be reviewing. It’s called Doll’s House Collection and it’s part of the Ciaté Spring range. It consists of five matte pastel shades and forgive me but I will state the obvious and say that they are boxed up in a Dolls house hence the name of the collection.  After having tried the first one already, I can safely say that they have not disappointed and are quick drying and easy to work with. I got mine from John Lewis for £18 but you can also get them from Selfridges and the Ciaté Website. Hope you will enjoy the next five days!



Essie’s Bikini so Teeny



I’m going to join in with every other beauty blogger and celebrate that spring is coming! This means bye bye dark toned clothes, nails and make up and hello pastels! My Valentines Day present off Harry was Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ which is a lovely periwinkle blue colour, which obviously I had to pick out myself and physically give to Harry to take to the till and then pretend I had no idea of it’s existence. I have heard mixed reviews about this, but overall I’m impressed. It’s been said that this polish is streaky? Personally I have no idea why people would think that. For the pastel colour that it is, it’s so pigmented and goes on so easily. I could have just applied one coat but I always do a second coat of polish to get it to last longer. However.. I do agree with the reviews stating that a top coat makes it go darker. I have no idea why this happens (anyone who knows please feel free to let me know) but in future I will steer clear of the top coat and just make sure I’ve got a couple of hours free to sit and relax, so my risk of smudge is reduced. Other than that though, this has made me feel so cheerful and summery and I’m so excited to whack out my spring jacket (probably won’t be for a while yet though!). The other colours that are part of the range are also incredible so I’m sure I’ll be spotted lingering around Douglas deciding what my next buy will be soon enough. What do you think of the new Essie collection? Yay or Nay?


Day 12 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Today Ciaté decided to shake things up and throw another pastel into the mix by adding ‘Pepperminty’ to the calendar. Although my collection is full of mint greens and blues I was more than thrilled to add another mint into the mix because frankly you can never had enough. I seem to remember squeeling when I opened the window, leaving Harry quite startled which goes to show how much I love this colour. If I had to criticise it I would only say that it was very, very sheer which meant a lot of layering causing gloopy nails but once it dries nobody would ever know. This is more of a polish I would wear in the spring or summer but nevertheless it was a perfect little present for the 12th December. Thank you Ciaté!


Day 6 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


Frohen Nikolaus! We are doing it in style and celebrating christmas as the Germans do. It’s a tradition to celebrate Nikolaustag on the 6th December in memory of Nikolaus of myra who died in 346 AD and was known for miracles and secretly leaving gifts. Apparently children are supposed to leave their shoes out in the night so presents will be left in them, which obviously we have not done. However we are still going to celebrate it by having our own christmas dinner and swap a couple of presents. To make it feel even more christmassy we have had our first snow here!


Today is also day 6 of my advent calendar which surprised me with a lovely pastel shade! It’s called Sugar Plum and it looks so nice on the nails that I actually want to eat it. Although pastels are associated with spring this works because it makes me think of all the food and sweets that are out at christmas. Personally I think it makes my nails look like sugared almonds but people may say I’m thinking way too much into it (which I probably am). When I put it on I already knew I’d probably go buy the full size version of it. It’s also very discreet but then in certain light it has a lovely brightness to it. This is exactly the kind of colour I was hoping for so I think Nikolaus left it in the night for me!