Feeling Christmassy and a brief update!

15135781_538085743056773_2926115988866110265_nI have definitely been off the radar since having the baby and I had slightly given up on my blog. However at this time of year I always miss my blog as it was in December 2013 when it really came into it’s own, so i thought I would update you on a few things!

  1. The baba is 9 months old!

I cannot get her to stop crawling and she’s at the stage where you turn your back for one second and she’s gone. Time to crack out the baby gates again!

2. I have a new job!

I have a full time job working for a university and I absolutely love it. I’m learning loads about sales, marketing and admin.

3. I am selling candles!

My aunt has recently started up a luxury candle business and she really is making some beautiful candles. Inspired by candles such as jo malone, white company and diptyque, they really are unique scents and have an incredible sent pay off. Head over to www.bridgeparkcandlecompany.co.uk and get some beautiful christmas candles for your loved ones!

4. I moved house!

As much as Ioved my old house, it became too small after having the baby. We have now moved somewhere a bit more rural and have lots more space! We are loving the country life so far!

Even though 2016 has felt like a crappy year, it has actually been a really eventful one for us and I am proud of what we have all achieved over the past year. Here’s to another successful year!

Launching a candle company!


So I haven’t written a blog post in what feels like a trillion years but I really wanted to share some exciting things with you! My little baby is now 9 months old and VERY mischievous much like her big sister. I have a new job working full time and I have moved house so things are very different since the last time I posted. The other thing I am excited to announce is that I am helping to launch my Aunts candle company. Without sounding too biased (which obviously I am), these candles are so  luxurious and great value for money. Think of the scent pay off of a Jo Malone candle and White Company scents. If you like White Company winter scent then my Aunt’s Orange Spice candle is definitely up your street and for half the price. We are on Facebook and Instagram (@bridgepark_candles) so please give us a like and the site is launching Monday 21st November.  In the meantime if anybody would like a candle then feel free to send me an email (address on about me page)! It feels so good to be writing again and I intend to write a few more posts that are a bit more personal and about my experiences of having a second baby.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

What’s my base?


For the past year or so, my make up base has varied due to my love hate relationship with medium to full coverage foundations. As a result, for the past 6/7 months I have been devoted to the Nars tinted moisturiser due to its glowy finish and it’s just skin appearance. However as Autumn and winter have slowly crept in, I have had to give in to something with a bit more ooomph that will cover up any blotchiness on my face. Being the diva that I am, only the best would do, and I found myself browsing through the Charlotte Tilbury collection. I ended up going for the Light Wonder Foundation  as opposed to the new Magic Foundation as that looked a bit more full on than what I was going for. Some might argue that the light wonder is a little bit too glowy for this time of year but who cares really? My skin is already dull from pregnancy so a mattifying foundation would just make me look zombie-like. As a foundation I really can’t fault this. It blends out beautifully, sinks into the skin easily and gives my skin the vitality that it’s missing. Bravo Charlotte on this lovely creation.

Day 13 of Ciaté Mini Mani Month


If you’re looking at the picture and thinking that’s the same polish as yesterday, don’t worry I thought the same thing when I opened the window on my calendar. I don’t know what possessed Ciaté to put two similar colours on consecutive days but luckily for them today’s colour was so nice I’ll forgive them. Today’s colour is called ‘Ferris Wheel’ and its a much more pale mint than yesterday. In fact I think I prefer it! It was a bit tricky to apply again but I’m going to put that down to me because I am pretty useless when it comes to painting my nails. Apart from that I have no complaints! It’s a paler, more icy colour which makes it more suitable for christmas and it looks a bit more sophisticated than Pepperminty. All I can advise is to make sure you have some time before painting your nails. It’s one of those one’s you just have to keep layering up so don’t go waving your hands about soon after. I’ll leave it there for today so Happy Friday 13th!


Skincare Basics.. The rules.


I don’t know about any other countries but the weather in Germany literally went from being nice and warm to absolutely freezing cold overnight. I loved this because I was getting fed up of seeing christmas trees everywhere while I was walking around in just a thin jumper so now I have an excuse to get all my woolies out and layer up! My skin however has reacted very badly to this becoming dehydrated and irritated, which in turn has meant I had to become a bit more strict with my skin care routine. Skincare is probably the worst thing to get to grips with and I still haven’t quite got my head around it but I thought I should write down a few basic rules for beginners.


1) For Goodness Sake’s.. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise!

The three basic steps to any skin care routine is to wash your make up off with a cleanser, use a toner to clean the surface of the skin, and add the moisture back thats been lost when washing your face with a moisturiser. Its simple.

2) Cleansing wipes or baby wipes are for baby’s bottoms.. not for the face.

Everytime I see one of my friends take her make up off with a wipe, I just want to grab the thing off her and throw it out of the window. Its not good for your face. They contain alcohol, they have no beneficial ingredients and they are taking away any natural oils on your face. They are so bad for you!

3) Be Gentle.

Don’t scrub your face like you would scrub a dirty pan. You’re just damaging the skin even more.

4) Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is so important. If you don’t exfoliate once a week at least you’re just putting moisture onto dead skin when you moisturise. It will have absolutely no benefits.

5) Try to spend as much time as you can without any make up on.

If you come in from work, school or university and you know you’re not going out for a good few hours or even until the next day, take your make up off straight away. It just means your skin will have more time to breathe and your chances of spots will be reduced and your skin can absorb any moisturiser or balm that you have applied.

Now you may think that those rules are completely useless, but I will be making a youtube video on skincare and what products are good to use. This should be up in the next week hopefully!


Disclaimer: I am not a skin care expert, or a dermatologist but these are simply recommendations taken from blogs and youtube videos.

Things We All Miss About Living With Our Parents.


I don’t know about you but now and then I just have these moments where I crave to be back at home in Birmingham living with my mum especially in the winter. There are also other moments when I think, ‘How did my mum do it? Go to work, run a house, and keep everything running smoothly.’ I know now there a things I definitely took for granted such as:

1)  “Whats for tea mum?”

Nowadays Im filled with dread at the very thought of looking in my fridge or cupboards and tying to conjure up a meal out of biscuits, jarred kale and dried chillies. In my flat, food literally disappears before your own eyes as soon as it comes through the front door (I do have a Harry and a baby to feed). At my mum’s however, she could literally make something out of nothing and whats more doing it without a hint of stress.

2)  “How do I wash it?”

I miss the good old days of buying a jumper, or a coat or any item of clothing and not even give a second thought to how I clean it. Now however I have to carefully consider if its worth buying that jumper or jacket that’s hand wash only because lets face it, hand washing is a complete pain in the backside (for me it is anyway). I also have an aversion to ironing after being sacked from my first ever job as an ironing lady which still fills me with horror to this day.

3) “I don’t feel well mum.”

I was extremely lucky to have a mum who was also a nurse so when I came down with an illness, my mum would know what it is and how to treat it. Such treatments would include tea, chocolate, spaghetti bolognese (my ultimate comfort food) and unlimited sympathy (something that is extremely lacking when living in a student house). I can’t moan now though as Harry also makes a wonderful nurse.

4) “Fancy some coffee and cake.”

Going for an afternoon coffee and cake was something I really enjoyed doing with my mum. Whether it was for a quick chat, or to sit there in silence playing on our iPads it was still a nice thing to do. If I was ever upset about something my mum would always take me for coffee and cake and let me pour my heart out.

5) “I can smell something gross.”

Ok so that last quote doesn’t apply to experiences from home, except for when the dog might have the odd accident. I have said that line far too many times in student houses and occasionally the flat I live in now but that just tends to be the baby’s nappy. At home though it always smells wonderful. I don’t know what it is but home just smells so amazing and it’s a smell that I’ve never been able to recreate. For me, there’s no smell like home.