Make up diet.



Have you ever put your make up on, walked around for half an hour, then looked in the mirror and been horrified by how terrible it looks? This happened way too often for me in January. Probably because of the cold weather, illness, fatigue etc.. my make up just didn’t apply well and I was left looking overdone and too made up for my liking. For February I have cut my make up in half and once again appreciate the saying “less is more”. Now my routine consists of my Forever Youth Liberator Foundation, Estée Lauder Concealer, any old Eye primer, MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, and Nars Douceur Blusher. I’m only wearing lip balm as well. I feel way more natural now, and like my normal self. My nails are completely plain and my hair has just been left to do its own thing. It’s really worth giving it a go, and cuts your getting ready time in half!


1) The Nars blusher may look a bit battered, basically Isla chewed my blusher brush, put it aside and I used it for my blusher while it was wet (without knowing obviously). Therefore my blusher has sealed itself and it’s too new for me to go scratching the top off.

2) Taking these pictures proved to be a nightmare as displayed by the pictures below with all the snatching that went on.



Christmas Wishlist

screen shot wishlist

So I hope that Harry and my family read this because this is what I want for christmas! I know I’m being optimistic with the MAC Stroke of Midnight Brush Kit but I stupidly waited too long to buy them and now they’re sold out. Massive faux pas on my part there. So I’m hoping for a christmas miracle and for Harry to not only take all of my constant hinting, but remember exactly what I want, and to track them down. Otherwise I suppose I could settle for the new Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush. It’s ONLY £35. Two other things I will be getting whether they appear in my stocking or not, is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette and the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Foundation. But people remember.. Christmas is about giving presents not receiving them.. so family and friends, please give me these presents. Please.

MAC Stroke of Midnight Brush KitYSL Forever Youth Liberator FoundationCharlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt BrushHourglass Ambient Lighting Palette