Kiehl’s beauty blemish balm


After what has felt like forever, I am back! After having written my 2000 word assignment in french and getting settled at my new job and at our new house, I finally feel relaxed enough to get some pen onto paper and talk about my recent changes in my make up routine!
Obviously the last time I properly wrote about my make up routine was probably in the depths of winter in Germany, and now I have to talk about it on the other end of the spectrum as I am in depths of summer, in the south of France. Before moving here I obsessed over finding a good SPF and a tinted moisturiser for everyday wear. I was willing to pay a decent amount of money for this as well, contemplating a YSL BB cream for 30 odd quid and then the kiehl’s SPF for another £30. Until I found my kiehl’s beauty blemish balm for a meagre £20! Its basically a tinted sun tan lotion which oddly I love! It’s SPF 50 and goes on like a thick gooey lotion but blends amazingly leaving all my imperfections covered. It smells like a sun tan lotion which some people may hate but for me I love as it reminds me of lying on a beach slathered in factor 70 when I was much younger and had more sensitive skin. This has given me complete confidence that spending 6 months in the sun will not turn me into a leather bag and hopefully I can hold on to my youth for a while longer. I use this every day without fail and on really evil skin days, I just mix in a bit if this with foundation so that  I don’t miss out on the SPF protection. Whats your summer base?



Make up diet.



Have you ever put your make up on, walked around for half an hour, then looked in the mirror and been horrified by how terrible it looks? This happened way too often for me in January. Probably because of the cold weather, illness, fatigue etc.. my make up just didn’t apply well and I was left looking overdone and too made up for my liking. For February I have cut my make up in half and once again appreciate the saying “less is more”. Now my routine consists of my Forever Youth Liberator Foundation, Estée Lauder Concealer, any old Eye primer, MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, and Nars Douceur Blusher. I’m only wearing lip balm as well. I feel way more natural now, and like my normal self. My nails are completely plain and my hair has just been left to do its own thing. It’s really worth giving it a go, and cuts your getting ready time in half!


1) The Nars blusher may look a bit battered, basically Isla chewed my blusher brush, put it aside and I used it for my blusher while it was wet (without knowing obviously). Therefore my blusher has sealed itself and it’s too new for me to go scratching the top off.

2) Taking these pictures proved to be a nightmare as displayed by the pictures below with all the snatching that went on.



Make up for a long weekend.

I am really excited to be flying back to England this weekend to see my family and have a relaxed few days at home but I have a slight problem. I am only taking hand luggage with me on the way there, as I am travelling alone with the baby this time and would prefer not to have bags upon bags to carry. This means I have to really shrink down my make up collection. So what’s coming with me?


I’ve gone for my YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. This is my new favourite foundation and it wouldn’t feel right not taking it away with me. My concealer is my Estée Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place high cover concealer which is also one of the most recent ground breaking discoveries. For blusher I am taking home Illamasqua Beg which is a deep red/purple colour and needs to be used sparingly. For eyeshadow I am taking home two MAC eyeshadows, All that glitters for the lid and Wedge for the crease. Mac Teddy Kohl eyeliner is also coming with me and I am really getting into wearing brown instead of black eyeliner again. Laura Mercier long lash Mascara has also earned a place in the capsule make up bag along with my trusty Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, they make quite a pair together. Obviously after that I am taking my Body Shop Honey Bronzer as there is no alternative for that, and two of the Nars Lip pencils: Biscayne Park and Dolce Vita.

I am very confident that my choices will more than see me through the next four days and if not, then there’s always a Selfridges in Birmingham!

2013.. The year I discovered Make up.

I would like to post about my 2013 favourites but I’ll be honest, I have only started wearing make up properly in the past year. I used to be ok with scraping foundation out of an empty bottle and putting on a bit of concealer and considering myself made up for the day. This was until I discovered Pixiwoo and their incredible make up tutorials and from that day onwards my life has been devoted to make up (and my daughter). Nevertheless I can still write about my favourite products of the year and what stood out to me.

1) Estée Lauder Double Wear Light


This foundation saw me through the summer. I know you may think this might be a bit heavy for summer months, but during that time I was working the most antisocial hours (getting up at 2 in the morning monday to friday!) as well as having a screaming 6 month old baby. This foundation covered up all my tell tale signs of exhaustion and lasted all day. I can’t thank you enough Estée Lauder.

2) MAC Studio Finish Concealer


As shown above, this covered up my ridiculous under eye circles that I got during my early morning shifts. This concealer will always be a part of my make up routine.

3) Urban Decay Naked Palette


I got myself Naked One in the summer and I have fallen head over heals for it. Half baked is my go to eyeshadow now when I’m in a rush. If put on lightly, it leaves a natural golden tint to the eyelids.

4) YSL Babydoll Mascara


As soon as I heard of it’s existence I was off to the local House of Fraser picking one up for myself. Mascara isn’t something I focus my attention on and I have been known to put on a full face of make up and forget to put on my mascara but when I do remember, this is the one I go for.

5) MAC’S Plumful


I only got this at the start of December but I wear it everyday and feel completely comfortable about how it looks, e.g not on my teeth and halfway across my face. When I went back to England for 2 weeks, Plumful was one of the lucky two lipsticks that came with me.

6) Body Shop Honey Bronzer


This is the only bronzer I can actually use due to my pale skin. I have already done a post on it which explains it all here. It was so good to hear that one of my best friends was so inspired by the post, she got herself one and loves it as well. You’re welcome Emma 🙂

7) MAC’s Adored


Sadly this was a limited edition blusher part of MAC’s summer collection but I loved it so much I got two and haven’t even made a dent in my first one yet after using it for 7 months.

8) Pixi Glow Tonic


It took me months to track one down but when I did, it was delivered within 24 hours and became one of the skincare loves of my life. I’m running low on the stuff now so I’m obviously dreading the hunt for my next bottle!

9) All Ciaté Nail Polishes


I think my last month worth of posts will summarise my great love for these. I’m currently sporting Amazing Gracie which is possibly my favourite of the whole calendar.

10) Dior Golden Winter Perle D’or illuminating Powder


I am not exactly the chicest of women and have a tendency to look a bit scruffy but this compact makes me feel like a sophisticated woman who has got her life completely sorted, until it goes back in my bag and then I go back to looking my scruffy old self.

There it is! Considering I have only liked make up for a year there is a ridiculous amount of make up on this list and in my room and it’s safe to say some bank accounts are feeling pretty exhausted right now. I have vowed to Harry that make up spending is coming to a dramatic halt due to our up and coming move to France and our ski holiday so I’m sure all of this should keep me going for a long time now.

I would also like to point out that there are many other products that I have also loved, such as my Bobbi Brown Corrector, different Foundations and many, many MAC Lipsticks but I have simply gone by what I have used the most. Here’s to another year of make up!

Sunday. Day of Make Up Rest.


In Germany literally everything is shut on a sunday. Apart from some bars and restaurants there is nothing to do here one day a week. I am perfectly fine with that though because it means a family day in, watching a film with a roast dinner. It also means I feel no obligation to put on any make up and can give my skin the day off. I’ve started getting into the habit of taking off my make up as soon as I walk in through the door and I can’t even begin to explain how this has worked wonders on my skin. I know that a whole day without make up will really have its benefits. Making the most of my day without make up, I like to make sure my skin is feeling nourished and ready for the long week ahead. I’ve recently discovered the benefits of using primers as face masks. My particular favourite is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which you can just apply a thick layer and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve left mine on for the whole day and my skin looks ten times better. I also like to make sure my lips are pampered by keeping them smothered in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream so they’re ready to face the cold.


Another thing I like to do is make sure my nails are nice and tidy for the week. Todays nail polish is YSL Gris Underground. I’m afraid I can’t provide a URL for that as it seems to be sold out everywhere but keep an eye out for it at the YSL counters!

Christmas Wishlist

screen shot wishlist

So I hope that Harry and my family read this because this is what I want for christmas! I know I’m being optimistic with the MAC Stroke of Midnight Brush Kit but I stupidly waited too long to buy them and now they’re sold out. Massive faux pas on my part there. So I’m hoping for a christmas miracle and for Harry to not only take all of my constant hinting, but remember exactly what I want, and to track them down. Otherwise I suppose I could settle for the new Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush. It’s ONLY £35. Two other things I will be getting whether they appear in my stocking or not, is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette and the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Foundation. But people remember.. Christmas is about giving presents not receiving them.. so family and friends, please give me these presents. Please.

MAC Stroke of Midnight Brush KitYSL Forever Youth Liberator FoundationCharlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt BrushHourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

A/W 13 Colours

At the moment, everybody is embracing the changing of seasons and obsessing over darker, more rich tones and colours. Myself included.



Recently nail polish and lipsticks have been added by the masses to my make up collection and are all matching this time of year.  I’ve got my 9 nail polishes here, some I’ve used for the past couple of winters and some that are completely, brand new. My favourites have got to be Gris Underground, Sepia 7e Art from the YSL Fall collection and After School Boy Blazer. Gris Underground I find quite special because the use of the word Gris is actually quite deceptive. I was expecting just a grey nail polish but depending on the light it can look grey, blue or lilac. Sepia 7e Art is just a classic sophisticated colour and which is reflected in it’s name as it pays homage to Old French Cinema and in particular the times of the Nouvelle Vague. There’s not a lot I can say about After School Boy Blazer as every other beauty blogger on the internet has already said everything you can say about it. All I can say is, Navy blue! Hope you like my range of colours!

From left to right on colour wheel: Barry M Foil Effects 320, Barry M 284 Emerald Green, Barry M 150 Red Glitter, H&M Looks Great On You, YSL Sepia 7e Art, Illamasqua Fragile, Essie After School Boy Blazer, Models Own Disco Mix, YSL Gris Underground.